[Etoys] Context comment in POs too long for Pootle

Xavier Alvarez xavi.alvarez at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 06:59:05 EST 2007

Baffled by the behavior, I double checked, only to discover that, 
once more, the browser-specifics seem to be the one to blame 

-  Opera  = fixed width, variable height = Good
- Firefox = fixed width, fixed height    = ok, no big deal
-  MS-IE  = variable width, fixed height = nasty

Something I did notice in the Etoys PO is that the comment is 
basically one very long, continuous string without any 
whitespace. A simple comma-space ', ' separator would suffice to 
allow IE to do a better job...

I just verified it, and the lack of whitespace is the culprit 
(look for 'Stop' in TamTamEdit.activity) and the result is:
-  Opera  = fixed width, variable height = Good
- Firefox = fixed width, variable height = Good
-  MS-IE  = pseudo-fixed width, variable height = almost good
            (still bases the 'minimum column width' on the
            'maximum non-whitespace string length')

Solution? Use a better browser? ;)


On Tuesday 27 November 2007 06:14, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
BF> On Nov 27, 2007, at 4:43 , korakurider wrote:
BF> > Hello.
BF> >
BF> > When playing with EToys test project in Pootle I found
BF> > some usability problem:  EToys extractor of PO/POTs
BF> > sometimes generate very long context comment.  Pootle
BF> > decides column width of online editor simply by the
BF> > longest information in the first column, so screen layout
BF> > become very ugly.
BF> > You could see the figure by searching "Multimedia" in any
BF> > language of etoys project.
BF> >
BF> > It would be great if we can work around with some tweak of
BF> > setting in Pootle.
BF> > Or, we may want to adjust (again) our comment format if
BF> > Pootle can support...
BF> Maybe we can output multiple comments, one per method?
BF> > Any suggestion will be appreciated.
BF> >
BF> > (need ticket for this?)
BF> Yes, always better to keep track of things.
BF> - Bert -

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