[Etoys] Fwd: update-1 branches

Karl karl.ramberg at comhem.se
Thu Nov 22 07:03:19 EST 2007

Yoshiki Ohshima wrote:
>> The changes file starts to complain about it's size on some of my images.
>> Could we do a shrink update ?
>   Something around this is definitely planned.  Now, for OLPC, we
> decided to do "show source" seriously.  You can't save into .changes
> because of file owner and permission, we will ship .changes and
> .sources and you can view and edit code.  There was a bit of policy
> change on OLPC's security system, so it would be possible to do the
> tradicional style Smalltalk development on XO, if you copy .image and
> .changes to a writable directory and launch the image.  There would be
> still nice to have a way to store the user's work in Smalltalk into
> Journal without losing good stuff like versions.
>   Ideally, we keep the same .sources file for the new version of
> Squeakland (dubbed as "Squeakland-OLPC") and OLPC Etoys images.  We
> might even ship .sources with Squeakland-OLPC.
I tried *Klaus* D. Witzel large source pointers change set but it did 
not work to well.


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