[Etoys] Fwd: update-1 branches

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Wed Nov 21 23:37:58 EST 2007

> The changes file starts to complain about it's size on some of my images.
> Could we do a shrink update ?

  Something around this is definitely planned.  Now, for OLPC, we
decided to do "show source" seriously.  You can't save into .changes
because of file owner and permission, we will ship .changes and
.sources and you can view and edit code.  There was a bit of policy
change on OLPC's security system, so it would be possible to do the
tradicional style Smalltalk development on XO, if you copy .image and
.changes to a writable directory and launch the image.  There would be
still nice to have a way to store the user's work in Smalltalk into
Journal without losing good stuff like versions.

  Ideally, we keep the same .sources file for the new version of
Squeakland (dubbed as "Squeakland-OLPC") and OLPC Etoys images.  We
might even ship .sources with Squeakland-OLPC.

-- Yoshiki

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