[Etoys] Fwd: Pootle now fully open for translation

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Wed Nov 21 13:03:06 EST 2007

On Nov 21, 2007, at 18:40 , Xavier Alvarez wrote:

> Takashi,
> A TEST Pootle Etoys project has been created and loaded...
> Things to note:
> 1) suggestion / review is disabled
> 2) both anonymous and registered users can translate
> 3) no version control
> Reasons:
> 1) Pootle for historical reasons handles suggestions based on the
> *comment* line (not the msgid). So if you have the same comment
> in more than one msgid, the suggestions get all mixed up. Some
> say feature, I say bug...
> 2) Given the test nature of the project, no point in forcing
> people to register.
> 3) SVN may be in our plans and probably easy to do, but for the
> moment I don't want to risk swimming in those waters ;)

We could easily switch to git - we use both, and po's happen to be in  
the part managed by svn.

> Testing URL: https://dev.laptop.org/translate/projects/etoys/

Hmm, 22K phrases does not sound right ...

- Bert -

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