[Etoys] Fwd: Pootle now fully open for translation

Xavier Alvarez xavi.alvarez at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 13:46:18 EST 2007

This is a sort of catch-all response to the thread (so I'll be 
addressing issues from several mails)

== Size of Etoys ==
Yes, by current XO standards Etoys is huge (although TamTam is 
playing catch-up ;) so it could merit a project all by itself. A 
bit redundant (1 project : 1 POT) but it would also a better 
permission control & some security.

== Pootle functionality vs Launchpad ==
A nice feature of Pootle is a series of checks that can be 
performed on the POs (arguments, capitalization, punctuation, 
etc. quite a lot, but my guess is that they are geared towards 
european languages and grammar - helpful nevertheless). I don't 
know if Launchpad has similar features.

On the other hand, Launchpad has the ability to reuse translations 
from other projects/packages/files... something that if we manage 
to work out in Pootle will be a manual & batch process... Lacking 
that, the glossary/terminology in Pootle is quite handy and not 
too complicated to work out.

== Pootle languages ==
Extremely simple to add & setup. You define a language, declare 
the number of plurals, the plural formula and you're set to 
associate it with the projects. The hard part is getting the 
admin & specific workflow ;)

== Version control systems ==
The integration with GIT was the blocker because it was backported 
from Pootle's bleeding edge and our own personal difficulties. 
Other version control systems (like SVN, CVS were built-in, but 
the focus was GIT). We are planning to open an "XO-Extras" 
project intended to target non git-d.l.o projects...

== In summary ==

Etoys may be a bit too big for initial testing and working out 
other version control systems, but I see no problem in pulling it 
in once we know how (iow, a smaller guinea pig may be preferable) 
The trick would be not to disrupt the L10n process currently 
working for Etoys...

The optimal configuration would be for Etoys to benefit from both 
Launchpad & Pootle. But I have no idea how feasible that is. 

A relatively simple test could be to set up a mock project without 
version control and upload the POT & POs of Etoys so that you can 
get a better feeling... if merging POs manually into Launchpad is 
not an issue you could sync with them at will, or sync from 
Launchpad into Pootle (although there are some issues to explore 

BTW, these are just my ideas :)


On Monday 19 November 2007 17:28, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
BF> Takashi,
BF> do we want to add Etoys to pootle?
BF> - Bert -
BF> Begin forwarded message:
BF> > From: Sayamindu Dasgupta <sayamindu at gmail.com>
BF> > Date: November 19, 2007 19:00:12  GMT+01:00
BF> > To: localization at lists.laptop.org
BF> > Subject: [Localization] [Announce] Pootle now fully open
BF> > for translation
BF> >
BF> > Hi all,
BF> >
BF> > We are extremely happy to announce that the new translation
BF> > infrastructure at dev.laptop.org is now fully open for
BF> > translation. 
BF> > The URL of the on line translation and translation project
BF> > management software is http://dev.laptop.org/translate.
BF> > Administrative privileges have been granted to the
BF> > following users for the following languages:
BF> >
BF> > Username    Languages
BF> > ========    ===========
BF> > khaled   -- Arabic
BF> > YuanChao -- Chinese (Traditional)
BF> > simosx   -- Greek
BF> > carlo    -- Italian
BF> > shankar  -- Nepali
BF> > huda     -- Urdu
BF> >
BF> > So if you want to translate for any of the above languages
BF> > - you know whom to contact :-).
BF> >
BF> > (admins: please note that there are project wide
BF> > administrative rights as well as language specific admin
BF> > rights. There is also a slightly cluttered document for
BF> > you at http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Pootle/Administration)
BF> >
BF> > If you want to start a new team for your language, file a
BF> > ticket at http://dev.laptop.org under the category
BF> > localisation (mention your Pootle username and the
BF> > language code you want to handle), and we'll take care of
BF> > assigning the relevant rights.
BF> >
BF> > There's  a FAQ on the setup that we have at
BF> > http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Pootle/FAQ
BF> >
BF> > Some things to keep in mind while translating (aka, Known
BF> > Issues): 
BF> > 1. The Commit and Update buttons (if you see them at all)
BF> > will not work until we make any further announcements. So
BF> > please do not use them :-) 
BF> > 2. This is the first time we are opening up XO Core and XO
BF> > Bundled for translations. If you see anything odd - file a
BF> > ticket (or even better, ping us on #olpc-pootle on
BF> > irc.freenode.net)
BF> >
BF> > As a conclusion to this mail - we would like to thank
BF> > everyone who has been (directly or indirectly) involved in
BF> > the process. It has been a long battle with Pootle/Git/and
BF> > whatnot - but in the end we have what is, what we hope to
BF> > be a much smoother and easier to manager translation
BF> > workflow for all software designed for the XO
BF> >
BF> >
BF> > Thank you again,
BF> > Warm regards and happy translating :-).
BF> > Sayamindu
BF> > (On behalf of the entire team working on the Pootle
BF> > installation) 
BF> >
BF> > PS: As a personal 'PS', I would like to specially thank
BF> > Xavi and Rafael for working really hard on this - without
BF> > them, this would not have been possible
BF> >
BF> > --
BF> > Sayamindu Dasgupta
BF> > http://sayamindu.randomink.org/ramblings
BF> >
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