[Etoys] How to distribute amd install MO for Apps

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue Nov 20 12:36:54 EST 2007

On Nov 20, 2007, at 18:31 , Karl wrote:

> Karl wrote:
>> Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>>> Loading an ImageSegment is indeed extremely fast. Even classes  
>>> and  compiled methods can be included in a segment. The problem  
>>> is that  after loading the segment, references ("outpointers")  
>>> have to be  fixed up - for example, all symbols must be made to  
>>> point to the  symbol instance in the image, otherwise you would  
>>> have duplicate  symbols. And we accumulated a lot of cruft over  
>>> the years that is  performed on project load time - fixing up  
>>> fonts, migrating instances  to new class layout etc. Working this  
>>> out would be very valuable.
>> I have looked into this a little.
>> There is a framework for creating conversion methods in the image  
>> but it is broken.
>> To test make a new project, add a new morpic class, open the morph  
>> in the project and publish.
>> Restart Squeak and load the project. You will be prompted to type  
>> in a new class name, a debugger pops up, and a Inspector.
>> Once you get past that you will see the project view on the  
>> desktop but you will also enter the emergency debugger :-(
>> I hope once the issues are fixed we can just file out the  
>> conversion files and include them in the projects instead of the  
>> whole
>> change sets and projects will load faster.
>> Conversion methods can also be in the image.
>> Karl
>> ______
> Forget previous mail. What is needed is a change set with just the  
> class definition for every new class in your project.
> The big catch is it seems _every_ object needs to be referenced in  
> the project or it will not be accessible.
> I just tested with DrGeo, I made a change set with just the class  
> definition, and could open a project
> but all the functionality was missing  :-(

Classes and methods except for Player subclasses are not included in  
the project image segment currently.

- Bert -

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