[Etoys] First use of OLPC feedback (bugs, suggestions, questions)

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Sun Nov 11 14:37:36 EST 2007

> We agree very much that "the Smalltalk part could be made easier to
> access", this is what my several calls to the Squeak community were
> about, without much response so far.

I would like to comment on that without the intention to be nasty.  
Just sharing up my thoughts
on that. We spent a lot of time on 3.9 integrating a lot of changes  
(besides traits which could be removed and
apparently scared a lot of people for no reason). Taking 3.8 as a  
basis for OLPC was a clear message that
all these efforts to improve Squeak were not interesting. So after  
that why would I spend time
on helping while I already did that and I most of the time got  
criticism and sarcasms from great squeakers.
Of course may be I misunderstood the message behind choosing 3.8 but  
now we get a squeak system that does not
have all the improvements of 3.9 and a nice fork. But this is ok.
I'm sad and I'm hesitating to do something to bring all the energy  
together by looking at the changes made in
OLPC and bringing them to squeak. But I have the impression that  
nobody cares, so may be I will simply do something
of my free time and energy.
The underlying message is that: with a bit more communication you and  
the community could have got a much better
system but it seems that communication costed too much so everybody  
was playing in his corner. This is ok too and I
can understand that. But then we get what we have.

> The core team is busy enough
> with making Etoys work, we can't spend too much time on making the
> Smalltalk experience better, yet. We try nevertheless - in the latest
> version we support the view-source key, for example.

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