[Etoys] First use of OLPC feedback (bugs,suggestions,questions)

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Sat Nov 10 16:48:50 EST 2007

Hi all

He took me at least 10 min to be able to open it (I'm really terrible  
with user interfaces) but the result is quite cool.

please find a list of bugs/questions/suggestions after playing with  
my laptop (which is quite cool).

- I clicked on the mess network then on the small triangle with  
represent my wifi  and I got a window to type the login.
I typed the login in, but I could never get the Ok button letting me  
to press it. :(

Etoy Bugs:
- etoy projects may get in your way: they can stay over the first  
etoy window and you do not know how to get rid of them.
of course there is the halos but it feels strange.

- when I do load, click on OLPC, get a dialog window, click cancel, I  
get a primitive fail with a debugger.

- Is there any plans to have access to the squeak games: SameCell,  
tetris and chess.
Because a chess program would be cool on this machine.
I could open the sameGame because I could get access to the menu:
- the size of the square are a bit too small.

- This is a pity that the Squeak classes have so few comments because  
I'm sure a kid could get alone
the SameGame new openInWorld but if it would be explained. I think  
that there is a huge opportunity that such
a "details" can break.

- I was wondering why stuff like skipLists are still in this image.  
I'm sure that we could have a much better contents
that kids could really explore.

- Will DrGeo be buried in the Etoy projects ?
Because this would be better to put it as a separate entry. DrGeo can  
definitively be a first class application on such a machine.

Questions for BotsInc.

- I removed all references to the file system but when I play with  
the simple drawing tool I could save drawing to files.
So is it possible or not to save files?

- I wanted to load my botsInc project so I put it naively on a USB  
stick but how can I access it. I could not from a load from the load  
project list

- Using the fileList I tried to use usbdev1.2_ep02 and some others  
but I failed?
Is there a way?

I feel that there is a huge potential to see the ideas of alan  
becoming true at different level (etoys, Smalltalk skin onion model)
and I have the impression that the Smalltalk part could be made  
easier to access.


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