[Etoys] Etoys scripting examination

Kim Rose kim.rose at vpri.org
Fri May 11 08:40:52 EDT 2007

Hi -

I think this is really fun!  However, I would not call it an "exam" 
which can sound kind of "scary".  I think it should be considered 
another game....
  -- Kim

At 2:19 PM +0200 5/11/07, Karl wrote:
>Kazuhiro ABE wrote:
>>  Hi,
>>  I made a project called "EtoysExam" for OLPC Etoys.
>>  http://squeakland.jp/abee/tmp/EtoysExam.034.pr
>>  This project is based on the idea of MIiyasaka-san's works.
>>  http://mts-j.hiho.jp/kyouzai.html
>>  (in Japanese)
>>  Sometimes teacher needs to know kids really understand scripting or
>>  not. Tile scripting is too easy to make a wonderful project. There are
>>  many projects that look like complex and interesting motions. But some
>>  author  cannot explain how it works. They say, "It just happened." In
>>  this case, it is difficult to lead the class to the real science and
>>  real math. I think EtoyExam is useful.
>>  Please give me your comments and suggestions.
>I really like your project. I completed all the tests and I have an etoy
>exam :-)
>A few suggestions:
>I think the project has mouseOver halos on, I think they are confusing.
>Maybe have some kind of help or tip if you get stuck.
>Great work,
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