[Etoys] Re: Images updates (it was Re: [Trac #1066] Can not set sound and visual effect forBook)

Takashi Yamamiya tak at metatoys.org
Wed Mar 21 13:21:12 EDT 2007

Hi Offray,

2007/3/17, Offray Vladimir Luna Ca'rdenas <offray.luna at javeriana.edu.co>:
> I have tried your advice, but I get a error message about a privitive
> which has failed. I would have attached an screenshot of the error
> message when I make click on "Debug" button, but I can get the export
> option from the object menu of any object on the Etoys image (do you
> know how can I get it?), so here comes part of the errors:
> OggVorbisCodec(Object)>>error:
> OggVorbisCodec(Object)>>primitiveFailed
> OggVorbisCodec(OggDriver)>>primitiveOpen:
> OggVorbisCodec>>startDecoder
> [...]

Thank you for the bug report. What platform do you use? Actually
OggPlugin have not been tested enough yet.  If you use PowerPC Mac, You are
the first person to try it on big endian machine. If you use linux,
maybe libogg, libspeex, and libvorbis is missing (you need to install
them from separately).

> Do you think that OLPC Etoys could integrate and help to organize
> the work on other images and be used in machines with different form
> factor, from XO to desktop computers?

Sure, I think we should do that.

# I'm sorry the slow response, and I fogot the last mail to add cc: to the list.

- Takashi

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