[Etoys] Translation eToys image

Juliano Bittencourt juliano at lec.ufrgs.br
Fri Mar 9 16:55:01 EST 2007


     My name is Juliano Bittencourt and I'm participating of the 
Brazilian early tests of the XO laptop. We will implement these tests 
with 400 laptops on a small school in Porto Alegre (South of Brazil). 
All children and teachers in the school will have their own laptop. In 
our ideas, Squeak will have an key part in our pedagogical praxis. But 
we are facing some small problems in the first classes we are doing with 
children. The main problem is that the eToys image is in english. So I 
want some orientation of how to translate the etoys image and how to 
make this work available for others in the project?


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