[Etoys] Sketch's graphic assignment?

Scott Wallace scott.wallace at squeakland.org
Tue Jun 12 05:43:43 EDT 2007

This is now fixed by update 1361viewerConflicts-sw, which also fixes  
five or six related glitches which all derived from similar  
collisions of slot-definitions for Viewers, as specified in class- 
side #addiltionsToViewerCategoryxxx methods.

The formerly conflicting slot definitions that are cleaned up by this  
update are:

  cursor  -- conflicts among TextMorph, NCLabelMorph,  PasteUpMorph,  
FlashPlayerMorph, GraphMorph

  graphic -- conflicts among SketchMorph, VideoMorph,  PasteUpMorph

Thanks again for the bug report, Dan.  It's good to get these  
glitches sorted out.


   -- Scott

On Jun 11, 2007, at 12:03 PM, Scott Wallace wrote:

> I tracked this down and discovered that the problem arrived with  
> update 1233VideoForSq-fixes2-dgd.
> The cause is that update 1233 provides an  
> #additionsToViewerCategories method containing among other things  
> an override for the #graphic slot for VideoMorph, which  
> (appropriately) declares the #graphic slot to be read-only.
> However -- and I believe we encountered this once before in a  
> different context in recent months -- the MethodInterfaces in the  
> etoy vocabulary are not bound to a particular class but rather only  
> to a selector; thus, the new declaration for the #graphic slot in  
> Diego' fileout clobbered the #graphic entry previously present, in  
> which #graphic was a read/write slot, and replaced it with the  
> entry provided for VideoMorph which declares #graphic to be read- 
> only...
> So, in short, we have a problem whenever the  
> #additionsToViewerCategories declarations in two different classes  
> declare the same slot-name with conflicting details.
> Let's discuss what to do about this during our conference call this  
> afternoon...
> Cheers,
>   -- Scott
> On Jun 11, 2007, at 8:54 AM, Heywood, Daniel Feaster wrote:
>> Hi Scott,
>> I just recently noticed that one is not able to make an assignment  
>> to a Sketch's graphic in the OLPC image; the base graphic is  
>> assignable but the graphic is not. In the Plugin image a Sketch  
>> does have the capability to make an assignment to its graphic--not  
>> sure if this is a bug or another matter of a preference setting?
>> --Dan Heywood

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