[Etoys] Morphic project inside Etoys

Alan Kay alan.kay at squeakland.org
Sat Jun 9 10:01:47 EDT 2007

Hi Shayne --

The project mechanism works with whatever was made in the project. If 
the versions of Squeak that are used are too far apart then you will 
get some incompatibilities. However, most people who do this do both 
their Etoys and Squeak Morphic development using the same version 
(most Squeak downloads include Etoys, etc. -- and a very complete 
Squeak is also available under the Squeakland downloads of Etoys -- 
here the "fences" have to be opened by getting and changing the 
preferences, etc.).



At 03:25 PM 6/8/2007, Shayne Czyzewski wrote:
>Hello all,
>I was curious. I am not too familiar with the Etoys architecture, and
>was wondering if a standard Squeak Morphic project would be accessible
>from within the Etoys project environment. In other words, could you
>write a Morphic project and load that project into the OLPC Etoys
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