[Etoys] Camera does not work on B4/515

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Wed Jul 18 18:44:49 EDT 2007


> Yoshiki mentioned the camera worked in 505. I tried with the older VM  
> package, but still no go.
> But I have an idea of the problem:
> We renamed Video to Camera in the object catalog. Thus the Multimedia  
> category page gets rebuilt each time now. This somehow opens a  
> connection to the camera (you can see the camera LED going on when  
> opening the page - this should *not* happen). When you drag out the  
> camera object, it fails to connect to the camera because it is  
> already connected. Does that sound plausible?

  It does, and I bet it is.  I just made up such an image and it

> If that is indeed the problem then the short term fix would be  
> issuing an update that rebuilds the multimedia page. Longer term we  
> need to bullet-proof repeated opening of the camera device. Also I  
> think we do not actually release the camera when we are deactivated  
> from Sugar.

  Scott, do you want to do the first part? ^^;

-- Yoshiki

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