[Etoys] Random and Times-Repeat

Scott Wallace scott.wallace at squeakland.org
Thu Jul 5 04:08:57 EDT 2007

Among recent updates to olpc-etoys, there have been remakes of both  
the "random" tile and the "repeat-times" unit -- significant enough  
in both cases that entirely new classes are used.

Although support for the old "random" and "repeat-times" has been  
retained in the system for backward-compatibility, it would be highly  
desirable to upgrade any existing olpc-etoys project that uses either  
of these constructs so that it uses only the new versions of these  

In the case of "random", anywhere in a script that you have an old  
"random" tile, simply grab a fresh "random" tile from the Gold Box  
and drop it on top of the old tile; then set the argument of the new  
random tile as desired.

In the case of "repeat-times", it's probably most straightforward to  
get a fresh "repeat-times" from the gold box -- this is guaranteed to  
be a new-style "repeat-times" --  and then move the tiles from the  
old repeat-times unit to corresponding areas of the new unit, then,  
finally, remove the (now-empty) old unit from its Scriptor and put  
the new one in its place.

I know this is tedious and labor-intensive, but I believe you'll find  
that the enhanced functionality is worth it.  And it would be nice if  
we could see our way clear to removing the old classes eventually.


   -- Scott

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