[Etoys] EToys as textbook/exercise replacement ?

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire at ofset.org
Wed Jul 4 03:26:20 EDT 2007

For what you want to do do, the Squeak Morphic interface is probably
your best friend.
The great benefice of Squeak is to let the user (or teacher) to
combine independent user interface elements (Morph) to create very
specific pedagogical content. Pierre André Dreyfuss and Suzanne
Guyader have created such resources that way. When necessaries these
elements can be programmatically glued together with EToys commands.
See a few examples they are proposing there: http://ofset.org:8000/super/gallery

The next interesting stage in this Smalltalk-o-Morphic paradigm
(=Squeak) is to design additional Morph objects to simulate whatever
you want and then use it in whatever Morphic assemblage you want. This
is what is Kedama for particle, ODECo for gravity.

Related to geometry, I have developed and recently enhanced DrGeoII,
an interactive geometry canvas. You can see from there a screenshot of
such a Morphic geometry canvas used in an Squeak-olpc book

Hilaire Fernandes

2007/7/3, Orestis Markou <orestis at orestis.gr>:
> Hello,
> I've downloaded the image of EToys and I'm playing around in my
> Windows PC, it works quite well.
> I want to create EToys projects that will replace the normal exercise
> texbook. Most of the exercises just need to display the question,
> provide a space for writing down, and a space for giving the final
> answer. A few (like geometry) would need tools like a compass and
> ruler, plus giving names to parts (like naming an edge of a triangle)
> and so on. Maybe some animation will be used, but no scripting, and
> there is no concept of grading in an automated sense.
> Now, for something like this, I'd use Flash in a web browser, but I've
> been dictated to use the EToys platform. Is this the correct platform
> ? Should I develop on EToys or should I drop in squeak ? I'd prefer
> python to do this, as I'm much more versed in python than smalltalk...
> Thanks,
> Orestis Markou
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