[Etoys] The version for B2

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Wed Jan 31 07:48:10 EST 2007


  Some quantity of B2 machine assembly got started (last week, I
think).  Etoys is of course part of it, and it has various changes
since B1.

  Just to put "a semicolon", I've uploaded the version that goes on
the initial build of B2 machines to our server.  A "plugin" image is at:


and the developers' image with changes is at:


There are still a lot of work to do.  There are some "over due" ones,
and some new ones.  We need to address these.  And, we have slightly
radical ideas for solving mid-term issues.

  Anyway, this is the year that even more stuff around OLPC and Etoys
*need* to happen.  Any help from the community, especially for the
contents is welcome!

-- Yoshiki

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