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Brad Fuller brad at
Sat Jan 27 12:47:23 EST 2007

Milan Zimmermann wrote:
> On 2007 January 26 09:19, Alan Kay wrote:
>> Hi Milan --
>> At 11:07 PM 1/25/2007, Milan Zimmermann wrote:
>>> Hi Alan,
>>> Thanks for the article, very interesting. For the eventual delivery
>>> mechanism it would be a great "trojan horse" (in a good sense of course)
>>> if the plugin, when not yet installed, could install itself as 1-click on
>>> the page, without having to download and install an .exe or .rpm. (That
>>> is really not relevant to OLPC because it can come with the system there,
>>> but great for rest of browser users).
>> Unfortunately browsers don't work that way. If JS and DOM were as
>> capable and fast as Squeak this would be easy. But the very reason we
>> have to download an executable plugin to run Squeak/Etoys is that the
>> capabilities of the browser are still lacking. 
> I was not really advocating not using Squeak I like it :) - just a 
> no-separate-download/1-click install. I guess one way to achieve 1 click (or 
> no click) install of Squeak would be to make vendors ship Squeak with the 
> browser like Java, but that's hard. I thougt there must be another way to 
> achieve 1-click install, I wonder how Flash installs on Windows, it seems to 
> install only with a click without separate download (if the plugin is not 
> originally installed) but I do not know how it's achieved and whether same 
> could be done for Squeak.

What would be helpful is that if squeak could get on lists like this:

brad fuller

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