[Etoys] New tiles for sound volume

Tetsuya HAYASHI tetha at mac.com
Wed Jan 17 20:10:54 EST 2007

Hi, all,

I add some new tiles for sound volume, 'loudness', 'balance', 'left volume', and 'right volume'.
Each morph has its own these values, and it would provide pseudo stereo sound effect.
This changeset is here,


and the exapmle project is the below link (it includes changeset already, so you can taste it quickly without 'file in', download and load only this one).


I would like to know how it works on the OLPC machine.
Any sugestions or advices would be much appreciated.

Have fun,
Tetsuya HAYASHI,
tetha at mac.com, tetha at st.rim.or.jp

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