Multilingual content on Squeak (Was Re: [Etoys] Examples need to be updated)

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at
Tue Jan 16 22:09:04 EST 2007


> ¿Theres is somekind of documentation for the use of Babel? I have read 
> about po4a[1] (Po for anything) and may be it could give support for 
> translation of text in Squeak "documents". I have working previously on 
> translation of documentation and the problems on having craft hand made 
> translation as stated in the po4a document are great and will be nice if 
> we try to avoid them from the beginning.
> [1]

  LanguageEditor in Squeak usually works ok.  There are always some
glitches.  Beware of that.  As for the documentation, I believe Diego
(the original author of Babel and LanguageEditor) has something in

> Pdt: I was reading a Book on Squeak and OLPC in the last etoys image, 
> but seems incomplete. This is an ongoing work or the writing its already 
> done, somewhere?

  What is the "Book"?  The Demon Castle tutorial?  If so, there are
(now broken) sequels available at:

-- Yoshiki

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