[Etoys] Update on OLPC Etoys

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Wed Jan 10 18:44:33 EST 2007


  We haven't reporting our progress so much to general OLPC dev
community, but of course the Etoys team has been good progress since
the B1 release.

  A few highlights are:

  * Video interface.  You can manipulate, rotate, move and etc. the
    movie stream (taking a still frame is something a kid can program
    in visual programming interface).

  * World Stethoscope.  There is a little piece of hardware that
    converts input from various sensors into sound frequency.  You can
    plug that to B1 machine, and use the input as the program element
    in Etoys.  (Or, any simple microphone works, too, if the input is

  * Various improvements including the visual appearance such as

  There are still some items on the trac, but these are actually
solved by yesterday.  Early tomorrow, Bert in Germany wiil make up RPM
files to be included to the build images.  (Then, I'll close these
items on trac.)

-- Yoshiki

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