[Etoys] Attempt to interactive geometry in SqueakLand-OLPC

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Wed Jan 3 17:14:54 EST 2007


> > more how to get started with it?
> Great!
> Basically, you can create POINT, LINES, TRANSFORMED objects, NUMERIC 
> OBJECT. All these geometric objects are all interconnected in a 
> constraint system. To move these objects you have to click on the blue 
> ball icon in the top of the interactive drawing.

  These steps are after I instanciated DrGWindow from 'new morph'
menu, right?  I tried these flaps but they don't work...  I just
figured out that I should evaluate "DrGApp new" (that was my

  This is a serious and impressive work.  However, for OLPC, I feel
that many Pythonists are contemplating similar systems.  (We have yet
to see what they'll offer).  There would be some politics get involved
if we push DrGeoII... Hmm.

-- Yoshiki

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