[Etoys] Attempt to interactive geometry in SqueakLand-OLPC

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire2006 at laposte.net
Wed Jan 3 16:57:06 EST 2007

Yoshiki Ohshima a écrit :
>   Hilaire,
>> Another point I am curious about is how responsive is DrGeoII within a 
>> OLPC. On my AMD1000Mhz machine it is very smooth and interactive but it 
>> may be  different story with the OLPC and Geode CPU (as long as Geode 
>> integrates a FPU it should be just fine)
>> If someone with an OLPC unit could load it[3] and report it there I 
>> would be very interested.
>   Yes, I successfully loaded the mcz file, but actually can't figure
> out what to do next.  I remember to play with one of examples
> sometime ago (or did I just saw the movie?)...  Can you tell me a bit

I think you saw a movie.

> more how to get started with it?


Basically, you can create POINT, LINES, TRANSFORMED objects, NUMERIC 
OBJECT. All these geometric objects are all interconnected in a 
constraint system. To move these objects you have to click on the blue 
ball icon in the top of the interactive drawing.

For example, to create a segment just go to the LIGNE (LINE) flap, and 
select the segment icon. Then go over the screen and start to click to 
first instanciate a POINT, then move away the mouse, click again to 
instanciate a second POINT: a first segment will be created.

You can repeat the process with different line object, and of course you 
should re-use the POINT create on-fly (the small red square) when you 
created your segment, so you get interconnected object.

Then to experiment interactivity, select the blue ball icon in the top 
of the interactive drawing and drag some object with it.

You have to experiment the various tools on the green flaps.
Of course I should translate in English the message so it will be 
easier. But well it makes sense to do so if the DrGeoII is smooth enough 
for the OLPC.

I can tell you I improve really a lot the user experience compare to DrGeoI.

I will tell you more later about the EToys scripting.

Best regards,


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