[Etoys] BotsInc xo Progress :(

Sean McGrath sean at manybits.net
Tue Dec 25 21:49:41 EST 2007

is a source of XO help.

Sean McGrath
sean at manybits.net

stephane ducasse wrote:
> Hi all
> I'm trying to produce a bundle for BotsInc.
> I could not find a page describing how to fill the activities forms?
> So I'm guessing :(. I edited the epaathi bundle and mixed it with the 
> DiceWars one.
> Does anybody know where I can get the info? I read a lot of webpages but 
> could not find the
> one that brings the light.
> Apparently I cannot get internet working on my XO machine (I cannot say 
> ok once I typed the network password).
> Then I do not know how I can try the bundle I produced myself. :(
> I tried with an usb stick but I do not know how I can read it.
> I tried via the console and the sharing of my other machine but I could get
> the Ip number.
> Before I was used to do:
>     su -
> dhclient
> then
> ftp://ducasse:mypass@theip
> Now I cannot get an ip.
> So I do not know how I can read that file.
> Quite efficient. 3 hours for nothing.
> So if somebody could tell me how I can read that file this would help me 
> a lot.
> I put the xo file also on the web
> http://stephane.ducasse.free.fr/Web/BotsInc/BotsInc2.xo
> and here is the file
> Thanks for trying the .xo files but it will be a pain to debug and to 
> produce another
> one if I cannot try it to fix that.  For now I guess I will stop trying 
> in the dark.
> Stef
> Quite frustrating experience....
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