[Etoys] Questions on etoys based activity

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Fri Dec 14 03:51:17 EST 2007

> The DiceWars bundle is old, will only work on old Sugar. I think the
> EPaati bundle is newer, and best is probably to just copy the Etoys
> bundle and edit it. The latest Etoys bundle contains two scripts, one
> for old Sugar and one for current Sugar. 650 already has new Sugar I
> think.
>> + How can I know home path of currently running activity in etoys
>> code?
>>    By the information I can tweak to search path for activity MOs.
> You could extract that from the path of the project or changeset that
> is loaded from the bundle.
> Another way would be to pass the path on the command line
> explicitely. Something like
> 	args="$args MO_PATH $SUGAR_BUNDLE_PATH/locales/"
> in the etoys-activity script.
> -

Let me know if you succeed. I'm toying with EPaati
I hope to really start monday (right now finishing to paint my house).


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