[Etoys] Greek and other languages support

spyronis at ceid.upatras.gr spyronis at ceid.upatras.gr
Wed Dec 12 19:49:04 EST 2007

Ok there are some issues.. i uploaded some pictures of my problems and my
.mo file)

>   Hello,
>   I uploaded the fix and new font file.  Please repeat the process I
> described in earlier email to test again.  (Make sure that your image
> is fully updated, and use the new font file I uploaded under the same
> name.

where did you exactly upload the above??

>  Again, a relatively new OLPC VM with a relatively new Squeak image
> works.  There should be a key to generate 0x301 character but I can't
> actually find it at:
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Keyboard_layouts#Greek_el...  If a (possibly
> alt-gr) key combination let us enter that, typing, for example, alpha,
> and then type that would make alpha with tonos.

Ok i replaced the squeak VM 3.9.8 I used with squeak-vm-3.9-12olpc4 VM you
said and it gives me input greek characters ...
BUT :::: There are no tonos (´) or (¨) - there are squares in their
places.When you press Insert key again a square appears, etc.
Also copy/paste does not support greek. (look icon1.jpeg)
On Windows there is no such problem.

3. Another problem that appears on (Windows/Linux) is with the translated
words in the supplies main menu. Only the icon text (Κείμενο in greek)
appears correctly). The others (Object Catalog,All scripts,Rectangle, etc
return ????)(look icon2.jpeg)
However when i open this menu Object Catalog there is no problem and all
icons appear correctly. (look icon3.jpeg)

Also in Connections in Object Catalog ???? appear in icon Labels and
Titles (look icon4.jpeg)

Finally i must tell that i changed all fonts to DejaVuSans that support
greek from World/Appearance/system fonts/....

John Spyronis.

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