[Etoys] Greek and other languages support

Chris Petsos chrispetsos at sch.gr
Tue Dec 11 03:07:11 EST 2007

It looks like you have learned about greek accents, representations and 
fonts more than us greeks do...
Thanks for the huge effort pal...


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>>   And I investigated further, and you are right about it.  I now have
>> a strange feeling that this is a bug of DejaVu font...  Could it be
>> possible?
>  No, of course not.  Yet further investigation revealed that there is
> a bug in Squeak's font reader.
>>   In the TrueType font file, such a character tend to be represented
>> as a combination of parts; for example, Omega-Tonos is a combination
>> of "Omega" and "Tonos".  Each of them has its own internal location,
>> and the font reader reads them and combine them.
>>   Now, Omega-tonos (u38F) has proper mappings but others like
>> Alpha-tonos (u386) don't but only uses the tonos part.
>  Because, Greek Alpha "refers" to Latin "A", and Alpha tonos refers
> to Greek Alpha and tonos.  If there are more than two levels of
> refering relation ship, Squeak's font reader cannot handle it
> properly.  Omega doesn't have similar glyph in latin so the
> refer-relationship is one-level. So are all lower cases except epsilon
> (epsilon has "latin small letter open e" at u25b).
>  A fix and new font file is underway...
> -- Yoshiki
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