[Etoys] Greek and other languages support

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Mon Dec 10 16:35:46 EST 2007

> The 7 greek vowels take sometimes accents such as έ,ά,ό,ί,ή,ώ,ύ
> The caps also: Έ,Ά,Ό,Ί,Ή,Ώ,Ό.
> [Accented greek words produced when pressed ' and then the vowel]

Reading what you wrote, you type a key for 'tonos' first and then hit
the key for the base character...  Squeak's ParagraphEditor handles
the opposite (postfix-style), which matches the OLPC's keyboard

> In small caps all are supported except: έ.
> In caps the only one supported is Ώ.
> [note that when i type ' (accent) and then ε or E,A,H.. it appears a space
> character and then the accent ']
> same happens to translated .po text]

  Are these really "space"?  On my Japanese Windows, I can enter
alpha, beta, and etc, but not sure if I can do tonos.

  In any case, to make it up for Windows, the Paragraph Editor would
have to be fixed...

> Another issue is how possibly can this work in linux squeak VM ?? (VM for
> the OLPC)
> What changes have to be done?? Are there any manuals/help/steps which can
> help me in this task??
> I must also tell you that when i run the image that worked on Windows VM
> it works fine in Linux VM for the .po translated text.. The problem
> appears in greek input...

  Again, a relatively new OLPC VM with a relatively new Squeak image
works.  There should be a key to generate 0x301 character but I can't
actually find it at:
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Keyboard_layouts#Greek_el...  If a (possibly
alt-gr) key combination let us enter that, typing, for example, alpha,
and then type that would make alpha with tonos.

-- Yoshiki

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