[Etoys] OggVorbisCodec crash

Takashi Yamamiya tak at metatoys.org
Sat Dec 8 13:39:23 EST 2007

Hi Karl,
(sorry I misspelled your name)

2007/12/8, Karl <karl.ramberg at comhem.se>:
> Takashi Yamamiya wrote:
> > This is my excuse. OggPlugin is made for SoundRecoder which uses
> > SequentialSound as internal sound buffer. So I didn't care that
> > such huge chunk of data is passed to the plugin a time.
> > It should be handled as primitiveFailed at least.
> > VM crash is a bug anyway.
> So one must send smaller chunks to the plugin. Do you have workaround ?
> Karl

Yes, if you can divide SampledSound into a number of SequentialSound for
each second, it should work. But I don't know an easy way to convert to
SequentialSound. I'll take a look at that. It is a shame.

- Takashi

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