[Etoys] Squeak VM status concerning language encodings

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Sat Dec 1 16:49:15 EST 2007

> >   The text renderer currently we are using is written in Squeak.  The
> > theory is that everybody can modify it, but so far nobody tried to add
> > complex script shaping handling.
> Can you give some pointers so we can get an idea of what it would take
> to add Devanagari in this way?

  I need to clean up some stuff.  But see that attached picture.  I
saved an HTML I found on the net, read it and make up a WideString
consists of these characters, and create a TextMorph.

> > Relying on an external library like
> > Pango is the second best and realistic solution.
> How portable would the Pango option be? Would it be included with the
> updated Squeakland browser plugin for example?

  On Windows, Mac, and Linux, ot works.  For the next version of
Squeakland, it won't be there, unfortunately.

-- Yoshiki
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