[Etoys] problems with event recorder and event theater

Scott Wallace scott.wallace at squeakland.org
Wed Apr 18 21:16:08 EDT 2007

Hi, Phil,

I've not seen this problem, and so far no one else has reported it,  
so it has been hard to investigate it further.

So -- assuming you're still encountering it -- please help us track  
this problem down...

* What *platform* are you operating on?  (Actual XO machine?)

* Please describe, as precisely as possible, a short sequence you've  
recorded whose playback exhibits the problem.

* If possible, please enclose a ".pr" file that illustrates the problem.

Getting "off registry" has always been a big potential problem with  
the Event Recorder.  Since an event-recorder "tape" consists  
primarily of nothing more than time-stamped mouse events, with  
absolute x-y coordinates, as soon as there is any disparity between  
locations of any objects at the time of the recording and at the time  
of playback, there's the potential for malfunction.  The motivation  
for the "Event Theatre" (as opposed to the bare EventRecorder) was  
specifically to minimize such problems by assuring that recording and  
playback take place in circumstances that are made to be compatible.

If there's really a bug here, we need to catch it.  So hopefully you,  
or perhaps some other readers of this list, can help us isolate it.

Sorry nobody got back to you sooner on this.


   -- Scott

On Apr 8, 2007, at 4:58 PM, Phil Dawson wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
> While trying to make some "How to" projects using the
> event recorder or the event theater I run into the
> same problem.  While the record function seams to be
> working when I play back the recording it will start
> off fine and then start showing commands that I did
> not select and eventually everything it shows is
> wrong.  I am useing etoys-dev-2.0-1217 with the latest
> updates.  I am not sure but I thought the recording
> functions were working before the large cursor update
> was added.
> Phil Dawson
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