[Etoys] A few notes on eToys interface - playing with latest eToys in olpc

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Tue Apr 10 13:04:44 EDT 2007


  Thank you for the feedback!

> Why did you make that flap unremovable? I can't even get a halo on  
> it. It should be visible by default, I agree, but shouldn't there be  
> a way to hide it, too?

  I was thinking about the classroom setting, where the teacher
wouldn't want to deal with dissappearing menu bars.  (For that matter,
The earlier Japanese version of Etoys suppress the halo for Navigator
flap.  It has certain advantages, as many number of kids dismiss the
navigator when they learned how to delete a morph via "X" icon.)

  From the flap menu, it should be able to hide and show the "Sugar
Navigator Flap."  (But clearly my logic of it is flawed and it didn't
work quite as expected.)  I'm not sure if allowing the manipulation on
it via halo is a good idea.  (For some demo purpose, it would be
absolute fun to be able to script that bar, though...)

-- Yoshiki

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