[Etoys] A few notes on eToys interface - playing with latest eToys in olpc

Milan Zimmermann milan.zimmermann at sympatico.ca
Sun Apr 8 21:12:43 EDT 2007

On 2007 April 8 04:50, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
> On Apr 8, 2007, at 3:44 , Milan Zimmermann wrote:
> > I added there a brief description with links on how to run OLPC
> > eToys without
> > the laptop available (emulation or rpms), hope that is ok.
> Sure. Although the simplest is to run just the image on your favorite
> Squeak VM. The latest image and projects is always here:
> 	http://etoys.laptop.org/src/etoys-image-and-pr.zip

Ah I see. I thought the changes in OLPC VM mean this can no longer be done.

I added another way to run eToys OLPC (for Content Creators, Testers) by 
installing Squeakland and dropping OLPC eToys image on it. Instruction 
including some screenshots are here


(so far Windows only, I use Linux but I think most such users will be 

> There are people interested in OLPC etoys who are not familiar with
> Squeak, so OS specific instructions would be helpful I guess.

I agree - I do not know how to do Mac if someone can describe it I could add 
it there.

> Running like this won't get you Sugar integration, but unless you
> specifically want to test or develop in that area, it is fine. We
> need a lot of testing and content development independently of Sugar ...

Yes - what content is the eToys team looking for (which age group etc)?  

> - Bert -

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