[Etoys] dbus bindings

Markus Gaelli gaelli at emergent.de
Fri Sep 29 16:21:08 EDT 2006

On Sep 29, 2006, at 10:05 PM, Andreas Raab wrote:

> Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>> Right now we're still using Python's dbus bindings, forwarding  
>> messages via a pipe into Squeak. This was the simplest to get  
>> working.
> And also by far the safest bet since the Python bindings will be  
> updated for sure so we only have to care about the part that we  
> want to care about (how to get the messages from/to the image).  
> Generally, my feeling is that for our needs (make eToys run  
> robustly) this is all we should be doing - I don't see the need to  
> write our own bindings if all we need is to exchanges a few  
> messages back and forth.

Makes sense. But piping needs OS-Process, no? And OS-Process is not  
save/secure so it will have to go, no?
If so, how will Squeak communicate with other processes?



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