[Etoys] Re: [Squeakland] OLPC Image Test and Report [Was: OLPC eToys!]

Milan Zimmermann milan.zimmermann at sympatico.ca
Fri Sep 29 12:46:50 EDT 2006


Appreciate going through my list of notes, and I hope it did not take too much 
time, as most of them are fairly minor.

Over the weekend, I will spend some more time playing with the OLPC image, and 
also try to duplicate the crash, but it did look impossible so far (to 
duplicate). I spent about 6-8 intense  hours building projects with it, and 
this was the only time it crashed, it does look pretty good!

A few notes on your comments inline:

On 2006 September 28 20:05, Yoshiki Ohshima wrote:
>   Milan,  (Now etoys at laptop.org is included.)
> > Attached is list of things I found and commented on (OO format), and also
> > the crash log.
>   I started looking at the issues in the file.  Below is my comment:
> > B2. Text and Images in Tools Flap seems cut when first started.
>   We won't have Tools Flap in eToyFriendly mode with eToys flaps.

sounds good

> Somewhat lower priority.
> > B3. Loading Something using SqueakMap Package Loader: Message about
> > Squeak MasterServer is running a different version (2.2) ...etc.
>   At one point, probably we should make sure that SqueakMap and
> Monticello works.  But again, the primary goal is to provide good
> eToys experience.  (Thank you for testing!)

understand. It may take a while before users/students will cross beyond what 
is in the image to install new things (but hopefully it will not take too 
long :) )

> > B5. Installing RemoteFrameBuffer into OLPC image (updated) from
> > SqueakMap, I received a MNU "SystemDictionary changes" around
> > SMDefaultInstaller>>fileIntoChangesetNamed:fromStream
>   Ok.

I mostly ran SqueakMap FrameBuffer install because I wanted to run FrameBuffer 
server from Squeak and attach a client that run the 50% scaling. Probably not 

> > B6. Error Not Indexable: Try TranscriptShow: someNumber,someNumber
> > bombs- But CANNOT duplicate, Squeak log attached.
>   Thank you.  I'll look at it, but it would be nice if we can
> reproduce...

I will try again .

> > B7. I think the following will be probably unreadable on OLPC Small
> > Screen: (Publish Project and Save Project on File.)
>   The first patch for this problem is already in the update stream.
> But, Takashi will look at it and clean it up.

Thanks I will check this weekend.

> > B8. (script in text mode.)
>   I tried it and seems to be doing the right thing here.  Are you
> certain that you did put "^" in the textually coded script?

Pretty sure the ^ was there, the missing "." made a difference if I remember, 
but I am not at that image now. - I will try again, can create a project and 
export if I can duplicate. Probably  more of a interesting thing than a big 
deal anyway.

> > B9. I created a project completely in OLPC image with latest
> > updates. Saved the project and put it on a website here:
> > http://squeakers.ca:9091...
>   At this point, we aren't keen to make it possible to load a project
> from the OLPC image into the Squeakland image.  It would make sense to
> modify the Squeakland image.  (A radical idea is to make OLPC image
> with some font modifications *be* the next Squeakland image, but there
> are pros and cons.)

Sounds that you are thinking to keep OLPC stable and modify SqueakLand at some 
later point to enable import OLPC projects? that makes sense.

> > N1. Menu simplification.
>   The first cut is in the update stream.  Again, a typical user won't
> see the World menu.  Some useful stuff in the World menu were moved to
> the red-halo menu of the World.

Simpler menus are great. For a while, and still, menus were the single most 
confusing thing in Squeak for me .. too many long unorganized items ..  but 
that's another story for another list. :(
> > N2. Source file.
>   It should be SqueakV3.sources.  Basically, we should lobby for the
> space on the flash to put it.

Yes, I use V3 sources. I just ment to point out it was not in the zip. Sounds 
like it is not guaranteed the sources would make it on the laptop?

> > N3. capitalization of names on menus.
>   Yes.  Since there are translations for other languages, it would be
> wise to provide the English translation from Squeakly language.

Yoshiki do you mean to make the menu sound more "english correct"?

Thanks for commenting, Milan

>   Thank you!
> -- Yoshiki

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