[Etoys] scriptor menu and bigger color picker for painting

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Fri Sep 29 01:47:53 EDT 2006


  I published two more changesets to OLPC update stream.  One is about
the menu of Scriptor.  If you go to textual editing and come back, it
now rightly ask confirmation.  Another (from Abe-san) is about making
the color palette of painter bigger.

  In regards to the menu, there are a lot of places where the ordering
of items in a menu is arbitrary.  We should make up some guideline on
the ordering, such as:

  * The impotant ones come first, and less important ones come later.
  * The destructive ones come later.

and look at these menus.

-- Yoshiki

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