[Etoys] Next Steps for B-Test2 and more

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Mon Oct 30 13:08:45 EST 2006


  Now seems to be a good time (even though the B-Test1 schedule seems
to be pushing back) to think about the next major items to be
addressed for B-Test2 (and later) milestones.  Here is rough summary:

  * Upto one VM instance per machine.  Right now, you can create more
    than one VMs just by clicking the shooting star icon.  It has some
    implication in the tactics of "background activity", which Bert
    asked but I think we didn't get definitive answer.

  * Address the tickets on the dev.laptop.org.  Some short-term items
    are listed on the trac system.  Takashi says he is looking at the
    gettext.  (I'll list some items from Jerome Peace.)

  * Look and feel adjustment.  OLPC's look is changing.  We need to
    find a good timing to do it so that we don't end up with doing the
    same thing not too many times.  This includes, perhaps, move some
    menu items to OLPC's chrome, change the way that halos work, etc.

  * Authoring tool for mentoring.  Upon EventPlaybackSpace (or
    something), a tool that a designer and developers can use should
    be built.

  * Contents.  Working with designers to make different tutorial
    contents built upon the above item.

  * Voice over machinary.  Hooking a better sound codec than GSMCodec
    with Squeak.  Ogg Vorbis comes to my mind, but we need to check
    again with OLPC folks.

  * Video.  Diego says he updated the V4L2 binding.  We will test it
    and make sure it works with the camera.

  * Script shaping.  A reasonable way is to write a text renderer that
    uses Pango primitives.

  There can be more...  Some might think that there are items we can
do for B-Test1, but I think we are now safe to start concentrating on
the B-Test2.

  Any suggestions and feedback is welcome.

-- Yoshiki

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