[Etoys] Example projects

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Fri Oct 27 08:06:31 EDT 2006

Am 27.10.2006 um 11:45 schrieb Alan Kay:

> Hi Bert --
> In trying this, I found a few questions, perhaps glitches.
> - I thought we weren't going to generate the key first thing. This  
> takes a very long time on the board. Weren't we going to just  
> supply a key?

We discussed this on the last conf call, and decided it might be too  
dangerous. It will happen the very first time only, and demonstrate  
our commitment to secure operation.

> - In Takashi's tutorial, RIGHT CLICK did not bring up the halos.

Works for me, on the board.

> - We don't tell the player of Demon Castle how to get back (use the  
> nav bar). This should be the last advice on the last page of the  
> bookmorph.

Yes, although there is the "to quit this tutorial ..." hint.

> - Seems as though Demon Castle should be full screen (this is a  
> menu option in every bookmorph).
> - On the button project, New should probably make a new project and  
> go there, rather than just putting a blank project window up.

Agreed - that's something for Takashi to change I think.

> - I started this image up by double clicking on it, and this gave  
> me no path to the sample Etoys folder when inside the image. But I  
> wonder if this is an artifact since the file picker seems to show  
> that the image is being executed in a different folder (probably  
> the one with the VM in it). What should I see here/what should I do?

You need to create an "examples.dir" file as Takashi described in the  
other mail. This is in the Sugar package but needs be modified  
depending on where the image was installed. Easiest would be to start  
your etoys.image and execute this:

((ExternalSettings preferenceDirectory directoryNamed:  
ServerDirectory serverConfDirectoryName) newFileNamed:  
'examples.dir') nextPutAll: 'name:Example Etoys\type:file\directory:'  
withCRs, Smalltalk imagePath, FileDirectory slash, 'ExampleEtoys'; close

It's ok to overwrite if this existed before. Then restart the image.  
You should see the "ExampleEtoys" directory in the FIND dialog.

- Bert -

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