[Etoys] Example projects

Alan Kay alan.kay at squeakland.org
Fri Oct 27 05:45:25 EDT 2006

Hi Bert --

In trying this, I found a few questions, perhaps glitches.

- I thought we weren't going to generate the key first thing. This 
takes a very long time on the board. Weren't we going to just supply a key?

- In Takashi's tutorial, RIGHT CLICK did not bring up the halos.

- We don't tell the player of Demon Castle how to get back (use the 
nav bar). This should be the last advice on the last page of the bookmorph.

- Seems as though Demon Castle should be full screen (this is a menu 
option in every bookmorph).

- On the button project, New should probably make a new project and 
go there, rather than just putting a blank project window up.

- I started this image up by double clicking on it, and this gave me 
no path to the sample Etoys folder when inside the image. But I 
wonder if this is an artifact since the file picker seems to show 
that the image is being executed in a different folder (probably the 
one with the VM in it). What should I see here/what should I do?




At 01:38 AM 10/27/2006, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>For your convenience, I added a ZIP containing the image and all
>         http://etoys.laptop.org/src/etoys-image-and-pr.zip
>This is updated automatically when something is pushed into git -
>probably the easiest for non-Linux users to stay current.
>- Bert -
>Am 27.10.2006 um 06:24 schrieb Takashi Yamamiya:
>>Hi Milan,
>>The "Welcome" and "Learn" buttons are connected to project files
>>on same directory of the image. So if you place Welcome.pr and
>>DemonCastle1.pr on the directory, those buttons should be work well.
>>Also, example etoys can be shown by "All" button
>>if you make a config file like
>>name: Example Etoys
>>type: file
>>directory: /usr/share/etoys/ExampleEtoys (your example Directory)
>>named (your dir)/prefs/knownServers/examples.dir
>>If you want to make real environment as OLPC,
>>might be good place to know. But it takes too long time to build...
>>- Takashi
>>Milan Zimmermann wrote:
>>>Thanks - I could get stuff using git before, but when I simply
>>>unziped etoys.image.gz, copied somewhere and ran, it did have an
>>>initial menu, but nothing hapened when i clicked, for example, on
>>>"Welcome" button. Then I figured I probably need to run autogen.sh
>>>(and then configure/make), but have missing gnome-common for
>>>autogen (no gnome libraries on this suse). Thanks for you help, I
>>>will take it from here,
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