[Etoys] Example projects

Takashi Yamamiya tak at metatoys.org
Fri Oct 27 00:24:36 EDT 2006

Hi Milan,

The "Welcome" and "Learn" buttons are connected to project files
on same directory of the image. So if you place Welcome.pr and
DemonCastle1.pr on the directory, those buttons should be work well.
Also, example etoys can be shown by "All" button
if you make a config file like
name: Example Etoys
type: file
directory: /usr/share/etoys/ExampleEtoys (your example Directory)
named (your dir)/prefs/knownServers/examples.dir

If you want to make real environment as OLPC,
might be good place to know. But it takes too long time to build...

- Takashi

Milan Zimmermann wrote:
> Thanks - I could get stuff using git before, but when I simply unziped 
> etoys.image.gz, copied somewhere and ran, it did have an initial menu, but 
> nothing hapened when i clicked, for example, on "Welcome" button. Then I 
> figured I probably need to run autogen.sh (and then configure/make), but have 
> missing gnome-common for autogen (no gnome libraries on this suse). Thanks 
> for you help, I will take it from here,
> Milan

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