[Etoys] Uploaded #1104 and "Revert the page"

Alan Kay alan.kay at squeakland.org
Wed Oct 25 18:40:04 EDT 2006

Hi Folks --

This is a good point. When I looked at the replay of events method, I 
was surprised to find that it is keyed to real-time even though many 
of the interesting effects take their own time. This made some of the 
stuff I'd recorded on a PC get missed on the OLPC board. This 
approach doesn't seem good to me (or even right). This is like the 
old bad idea of using one-shots in HW, or playing brinksmanship with 
fixed clocking schemes.

Any better ideas? It's definitely tricky, but one thing could be to 
make a pseudoclock whose timebase is keyed to some effect (like 
rotating some shape). OTOH, the more comprehensive thing would be to 
have an eventrecorder that deals with objects and events more the way 
Croquet does.

Since we are going to want to have a more ScorePlayer based editing 
system for these tutorials for the next build (i.e. we need to be 
able to capture event sequences and edit them, lay in voice-overs, 
music, buttones, etc.), maybe we can just revamp this whole area. 
It's been long overdue (and now we really need to use all this stuff).



At 01:35 PM 10/25/2006, Yoshiki Ohshima wrote:
>   Bert,
> > I think it has to do with hick-ups - the event playback is sensitive
> > to other activity on the machine, it seems it looses events in that
> > case. After rebooting it worked fine.
> >
> > Building RPMs now, sorry for the false alarm ...
>   Phew!  But, it can happen in the real environment, so it is not very
>false at the same time.  Bad timing, but good reminder of it...
>-- Yoshiki
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