Demon Castle Tutorials - Usability Test [Was: Re: [Etoys] Demon Castle Tutorials for eToys]

Alan Kay alan.kay at
Mon Oct 23 13:17:09 EDT 2006

One easy fix for one problem would be to make the hole in the key 
black instead of transparent....




At 08:51 AM 10/23/2006, Takashi Yamamiya wrote:
>Hi Milan,
>Thank you so much about the valuable testing!
>Milan Zimmermann wrote:
> > Hi Takashi,
> >
> > This weekend, we ran a usability test on your tutorial.
>Actually it was so fun to read it. I imagined how the girls respond,
>laugh, and sometimes complain ;) That's great! I really learned by
>that. I can't fix each issues now because I have to do another things,
>though. I promise that I comment about issues later, and make them
>better surely!
> > Beautiful stuff - please let me know if we can help. We noticed a 
> few typos
> > and formulation potential changes - if you'd like, we can summarize them.
>Also, please give me your suggestion about any words and expression anytime.
>- Takashi
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