[Etoys] remaining tasks in this week

Alan Kay alan.kay at squeakland.org
Tue Oct 17 15:46:27 EDT 2006

Looks good to me!

Thanks Yoshiki.




At 12:37 PM 10/17/2006, Yoshiki Ohshima wrote:
>   Hello,
>   (this email is basically for the team, but I would like to get some
>   I talked with Alan and lined out the tasks on our remaining time
>frame in this week.
>   * The shooting star SVG icon.  If the possible new artwork comes in,
>     we might change, but it is good enough.
>   * Pointing device button usage.  Generally it would be good to
>     follow the OLPC convension, but they don't have it, and Alan heard
>     they said "they like our convention".  I go for the idea of
>     left-click as left-click, and right-click for halo.  And leave
>     mouse over halo option *on* for now.
>     subtasks:
>     - take "-swapbtn" option out from etoys.in.
>     - code and preference in the image is ok.
>     What PowerPoint does is if you left-click on an object, it gets
>     halo-like thing.  If OLPC goes that way in the future, we probably
>     go that way as well.
>   * Opening.  Alan will run another path probably tomorrow, and
>     Takashi cleans it up.  It will have a book that is cycling through
>     pages, but buttons on the right.  The buttons take you to other
>     projects, and the book will be cleared from Squeak image.  (I
>     have to check the code in #1070 actually work.)  The project with
>     the book is in the image, but the projects loaded by these buttons
>     may reside on the disk.
>     - I wait for Scott's check on deleteAllHalos-yo.1.cs and push it
>       (or modified version of it) to the stream to make EventRecorder
>       in a book not raise an error.
>     - Alan make the projects.  We may re-link and relocate projects.
>   * Packaging.
>     - (take -swapbtn out)
>     - These project read from disk should go in the folder Smalltalk
>       imagePath.
>     - update .image file.
>   * Testing, testing, testing...
>   I would shoot to do these by Friday, as some of the team will be
>flying on the weekend.  What do you think?
>-- Yoshiki
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