[Etoys] remaining tasks in this week

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Tue Oct 17 15:37:53 EDT 2006


  (this email is basically for the team, but I would like to get some

  I talked with Alan and lined out the tasks on our remaining time
frame in this week.

  * The shooting star SVG icon.  If the possible new artwork comes in,
    we might change, but it is good enough.

  * Pointing device button usage.  Generally it would be good to
    follow the OLPC convension, but they don't have it, and Alan heard
    they said "they like our convention".  I go for the idea of
    left-click as left-click, and right-click for halo.  And leave
    mouse over halo option *on* for now.

    - take "-swapbtn" option out from etoys.in.
    - code and preference in the image is ok.

    What PowerPoint does is if you left-click on an object, it gets
    halo-like thing.  If OLPC goes that way in the future, we probably
    go that way as well.

  * Opening.  Alan will run another path probably tomorrow, and
    Takashi cleans it up.  It will have a book that is cycling through
    pages, but buttons on the right.  The buttons take you to other
    projects, and the book will be cleared from Squeak image.  (I
    have to check the code in #1070 actually work.)  The project with
    the book is in the image, but the projects loaded by these buttons
    may reside on the disk.

    - I wait for Scott's check on deleteAllHalos-yo.1.cs and push it
      (or modified version of it) to the stream to make EventRecorder
      in a book not raise an error.
    - Alan make the projects.  We may re-link and relocate projects.

  * Packaging.  

    - (take -swapbtn out)
    - These project read from disk should go in the folder Smalltalk
    - update .image file.

  * Testing, testing, testing...

  I would shoot to do these by Friday, as some of the team will be
flying on the weekend.  What do you think?

-- Yoshiki

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