[Etoys] Git problem

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Sun Oct 15 08:13:16 EDT 2006


we discovered a serious problem with git, the source code versioning  
system that is used for OLPC work:

I have been using it like I used to with subversion, that is, check  
in an updated etoys.image.gz every day:


Now Marco, who is on an ISDN connection, tried to check that out, and  
it downloaded like 30 MB. Turns out checking out from a git  
repository does download the *whole* history since the dawn of time.  

I hear git does use delta-compression for binary files, but I looks  
like that does not work for an image:

52      .git
git add OLPCPlugin.image
5764    .git
git commit
5776    .git
run image, save, commit
11492   .git
run image, save, commit
17208   .git

The increase for each image check-in is about the gzipped size of the  
whole image.

So. We might have to put the images somewhere else. Or only store the  
original image plus changesets in a folder, and have the makefile  
update the image from those changesets.

A similar problem will arise once we store projects in git.

Any ideas?

- Bert -

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