[Etoys] Latest Scamper fixes

Alan Kay alan.kay at squeakland.org
Sat Oct 14 23:17:51 EDT 2006

Hi Yoshiki and Karl,

Actually, while the Scamper in the Etoys image will get Google and 
allow some retrievals, the layouts are not high enough quality for any demo...

What can the latest version of Scamper do?



------------At 07:27 PM 10/14/2006, Yoshiki Ohshima wrote:
>   Hi, Karl,
> > Here is the latest version of the web browser Scamper with a few
> > fixes.
>   While making Scamper work is not the priority, I can see some good
>reasons to update it.  On the other hand, Scamper in the eToys image
>can let me access www.google.com.  That would do it for demo
>purposes...  We should talk about wha to do with it.
> > Also the latest version of Network-HTML.
>   Only HtmlImage>>downloadState: is updated with this mcz, right?
>(the package system can make me scared!)
> > And a old version of
> > HTTPSocket class>>httpGetDocument:args:accept:request:
> > that fixes issues with getting to certain domains like for example:
> > 'http://www.linuxfr.org' ( works on Windows XP at least)
> > I'm not sure whats wrong with the current HTTPSocket but
> > reverting to this old version fixes the issue.
>   Hmm.  What do *you* think what we should do with it?
>-- Yoshiki
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