EToys for Sound Manipulation Re: [Etoys] Squeak / Etoys RPMs

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at
Sat Oct 14 21:40:09 EDT 2006


  Sorry for slow response...

> Btw. I played a bit more with sound/csound and etoys and came up with  
> a new category "sound" where on can select the frequency and also  
> "when" a sound should be played.
> I foresee csound to be pluggable there (currently it is kind of hard  
> wired)  so that one could choose between default Squeak Synth and  
> csound Synth. I am aware of SoundSystem.

  Ah, ok.  We haven't gotten around including World Stethoscope code
into our eToys image, but this is on our plan.  Extending it with your
idea (i.e., put a few more tiles) would be good.

> It is already quite a lot of fun to animate several cars/ etc. and  
> let them play some sounds with frequencies according to their y- 
> position, possibly played with a delay according to their y-position.

  Yes.  WS happens to be able to do this, though not ready for playing
different tone.

-- Yoshiki

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