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Markus Gaelli gaelli at
Sat Oct 7 10:16:24 EDT 2006

Hi folks,

> And with a little more things, I could play and record sound in etoys.

Good to hear... :-)

Btw. I played a bit more with sound/csound and etoys and came up with  
a new category "sound" where on can select the frequency and also  
"when" a sound should be played.
I foresee csound to be pluggable there (currently it is kind of hard  
wired)  so that one could choose between default Squeak Synth and  
csound Synth. I am aware of SoundSystem.

For that we needed to extend the sound capabilities of Squeak a bit  
so that sampled instruments can also be played in any frequency after  
a given delay.
I played a bit with

	(Delay forSeconds: self playWhen) wait,
	self pling.

but still got quite irregular sounds. It is quite nice of csound that  
the sounds can be played very accurately at a given time.

I'd also like to integrate "pitch" and "tuning system" (a.k.  
chromatic 12 tone system equal temperament, maybe also C-Dur etc. and  
more non western tunings).

It is already quite a lot of fun to animate several cars/ etc. and  
let them play some sounds with frequencies according to their y- 
position, possibly played with a delay according to their y-position.

See the following pic as a little teaser (it works nicely, also with  
several cars in parallel):

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(pling triggers the sound is probably a bad name...)

If any of you is interested in the monticellos or changesets, I'd be  
more than happy to provide them.
You would need csound compiled with osc right now.

Please let me know, if and who of you is going the same direction, I  
would be more than happy to collaborate.


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