[Etoys] Rebecca Allen's example intro to XO made into an Etoy JPEG movie

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Thu Oct 12 13:48:27 EDT 2006


>   It could be but I'd imagine it is not significant.  I'll measure the
> raw data throughput on the board later.  They say the read through put
> on the A-board is something like 2.5MB/sec.  Assuming this ideal
> bandwidth achieved, the JMV file is about 1.5MB, so half a second is
> spent on reading over 20 seconds or so play time.

  From a USB memory in VFAT, it seems to be able to do 13MB/sec or such.

  And, Linux uses free memory space as file buffer cache (and OLPC
will have some memory-based filesystem (tmpfs).  If I read a file from
cached data, Squeak can do over 70MB/sec.

  Our MPEGPlayer seems to spend so much time on updating sliders and
buttons and invisible subtitle.  Only about 60% of time seems to be
spent for decoding (about 30%) and displaying (about 30%).  We could
do some more optimization.

-- Yoshiki

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