[Etoys] Rebecca Allen's example intro to XO made into an Etoy JPEG movie

Alan Kay alan.kay at squeakland.org
Thu Oct 12 10:41:48 EDT 2006

I wonder if the Flash file base for the images, etc.,  might be a big 
problem here also?

It's striking how fast this runs on my (not so fast) Panasonic laptop.




At 06:46 PM 10/11/2006, Yoshiki Ohshima wrote:
>   Alan,
>   It looks like it is doing 3.1 fps or such.
>   BTW, our JPEG decoder and MPEG decoder are compiled to use platform
>independent code.  The MPEG decoder comes with MMX and 3DNow assembly
>code so we may be able to make it run faster just with different
>compile configuration.  For JPEG, there should be some code around
>that uses such instructions.  (Back when I was playing with iPAQ, I
>tried "Intel Performance Primitives" that provides such code.  It gave
>us factor of 8 or such improvement over JPEGReadWriter2.)
>   If it is important for B-test, we can at least try and see how fast
>MPEG decoding can be.
>-- Yoshiki

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